It's one thing to look at screenshots and gape, but video of Skyrim looking like a next-gen game is something else entirely.


Austrian PC gamer SkyrimTuner runs a YouTube channel where all he does is post footage of the game running with all kinds of mods, sometimes with over 150 going at once. It's basically exactly the effects seen in our screenshot gallery from last year, only in motion.

The main ones are the ENB series, which can do wonders for all kinds of PC games, but every little mod helps.

If you're wondering what kind of rig was required to not just run all this but to capture it at 1920x1080, SkyrimTuner's PC is as follows:

Intel i5-2500K@4,3GHz
NVidia GTX 680 OC GPU Boost @ 1200MHz
120GB SSD for Win7 64
60GB SSD for Skyrim
1TB HD 7200rpm


You know when a man has an SSD just for Skyrim, he means business.

The custom character model is a bit... well, yeah, but everything else is simply stunning. Please watch in HD. Please.


Skyrim Tuner [YouTube]

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