The first thing I thought when I saw this mod was “oh yeah, right, Skyrim has oceans! The second was “and now I might actually go swimming in them”.

Depths of Skyrim “aims to overhaul the flora, fauna and visuals under water”, by not just making everything look a lot nicer and brighter, but also giving you more to do while you’re down there. Here’s a list of everything that’s new under the sea:

Adds new grass types, coral and giant kelp all across the Sea of Ghosts.

Adds 1000+ fish all over the sea (no slaughterfish).

Adds Several dozen unmarked treasures and points of interest for you to find.

Adds coral forests teeming with life.

Adds groups of horkers swimming across the sea.

Fixes 100+ instances of exposed rocks

Fixes seams in the ocean floor

This is really cool! Skyrim’s world design and weather don’t really make swimming around the first thing on anyone’s to-do list, so a mod like this allows for some genuinely fresh exploration.


The mod was made by TheBlackpixel, and for a download link—and compatibility requirements with other mods—head here.

Via PCGamesN

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