Skyrim Lands 50 Perfect Reviews, Will Likely Earn More than $450M at Launch

Illustration for article titled emSkyrim/em Lands 50 Perfect Reviews, Will Likely Earn More than $450M at Launch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim garnered more than 50 perfect reviews and it looks like it also sold a lot of copies, but it's a little hard to pinpoint exactly how much money the massive fantasy role-playing game has brought in so far.

The press release says that they expect that the game will generate more than $450 million in global retail sales at launch. They also tell us they shipped seven million copies worldwide. Also, and stay with me here, half of the game's "launch units" were sold in the first 48 hours and the studio says it is swamped for large reorders. The final number: Skyrim set a record on Steam with more than 280,000 concurrent players.

What's that all mean? Well, that Skyrim probably sold a fuckton of games, and will likely continue to sell a fuckton of games. How many is a fuckton? This is far too close to computing the speed of approaching trains for me to figure that out.


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Okay, Skyrim is an incredible game. I've played 54 hours so far and I plan on playing many more.


In no way would I ever give Skyrim a perfect review. There are far too many bugs and clipping issues for it to be perfect. I get occasional crash-to-desktops with no warning, consistency, or error message. Sometimes my shouts just fail for no apparent reason but need to recharge anyway. Characters' weapons clip through their armour.

The game is amazing, but it's not quite perfect. Didn't a perfect score used to mean there was nothing to be improved on? Clean up the problems and I'll be fine with perfect scores.

And yes, I'm aware that most games get some amount of 10/10 or 100% review scores. I don't agree with those either.