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Skyrim: Dawnguard 30-Day Xbox 360 Exclusivity Has Now Exceeded 30 Days

Illustration for article titled emSkyrim: Dawnguard/em 30-Day Xbox 360 Exclusivity Has Now Exceeded 30 Days

Wondering when you can get Skyrim's downloadable content Dawnguard for your PlayStation 3 or PC? So is Bethesda.


"We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news. If we have news, I promise I'd tell you," Bethesda vice president of marketing Pete Hines wrote on Twitter yesterday.

But in May, Bethesda told me that the Xbox 360 would have a 30-day exclusive on the DLC. Dawnguard was first released on June 26. Today is July 27.


I've reached out to Bethesda to ask why the Xbox's exclusivity period has exceeded 30 days. I'll update if they respond.

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30 day exclusivity doesn't mean that after 30 days it will be released on other platforms, It just means that during those 30 days that it can't be released on any other platform besides the xbox.

does that make sense?