Skullgirls Had a Kitty Girl and Her Head (and Limbs) Popped Off

Upon first glimpse of Ms. Fortune, one of the femme fatales in the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade fighter Skullgirls, I was all "Oh cute, a kitty girl." Then she ripped off her own head and threw it at her opponent.


While we've seen Ms. Fortune in action before, this new character highlight video gives us our first look at her without some guy talking over it, ruining everything. Isn't she adorable?


You'll notice the obvious jokes are missing from this post. I'm leaving that up to you folks. Don't let me down.

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Only because I haven't said it enough times...

If this were a Japanese game with girls fighting each other it would be met with loathing, disgust and paraded about as further proof that Japan's entire culture is some how fundamentally flawed and perverted. But because it's an American game it's adorable, cute, clever and we're actually going far enough into it to talk about the combat mechanics rather than just mocking the game on it's superficial qualities.

Now we could all learn about how our own cultural biases deny us from actually giving certian games a chance and take this a a wake up call to reaffirm the difference between something that's difference and fundamentally flawed but, hell, if we were that self away we would of done that all long ago.

The game does look cute though.