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Skate It Wii May Get Skateboard Frame for Balance Board

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I was blown away with how fun it was to mess around with the early build of Skate It with the Wii Balance Board that Electronic Arts had on display last week during their event. The controls were fun, easy to pick up and felt much more rewarding when you pulled off a trick than doing the same with two thumbsticks or a remote waggle.

But I was a bit worried about how the game would make sure virtual boarders weren't slowly moving off the balance board's sweet spot. Scooting was a problem I noticed while playing Wii Fit. The more into a game I got, the more intense it was the more I tended to scoot around on the board over time. After ten minutes or so of intense gaming I'd notice the game wasn't responding right because my feet were no longer centered.


The devs told me that that is a concern of theirs as well. So much so that they're actually looking into the possibility of shipping the game with some sort of form that snaps onto the balance board to give it more of a skateboard look and feel. More importantly, this skateboard frame would help gamers realize when they were scooting off the board's center spot without having to look down, and potential facing into a virtual curb.

Sounds like a fantastic idea to me. [Image Credit]