Six Things You Should Know About Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation officially made itself known yesterday. If you caught a dated-looking vibe in the game's visuals, that's deliberate; Creative Assembly wanted to render the Alien universe as looked in the original 1979 film. You can get a better view of it in this video—but you won't see any of this on the Wii U.


The game's official Twitter account said yesterday that "right now, we don't have plans to put the game on Wii U." That important tidbit is a bonus to the "Five things you need to know" that PlayStation Access laid out in this 13-minute video about the game, which discusses how it fits into the Alien continuity, and how you're going to get along with a 9-foot xenomorph in dark and cramped accommodations.


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Shawntez Phillips

This kind of sucks because Wii-U would make this game perfect because of its gamepad.

Sigh. We need a big name dev to make a Wii U exclusive that is drastically different from what the main consoles have to offer. A Hat in Time is one of my most anticipated games because of its WW type style and 64 platformer vybe, I think that coming to Wii-U im not sure.