Six Of The Best Looks From Super Mario Odyssey

There are dozens of outfits for Mario to wear in Super Mario Odyssey, and the game will even comment on your fashion sense. Mario isn’t what I would call a stylish guy, but I have to admit he almost looks cool in some of these outfits. Here are my favorites.

Sailor Outfit


Seems like a weird pick, sure, but doesn’t Mario look adorable? I want to go for a stroll with him along a boardwalk. This is more of an occasion outfit than one you can wear all the time, but at least we know that Mario can sub for one of the sailors in Cher’s video for “Turn Back Time” if need be. Also, check those shoes—they’re in such good condition! Remember to shine your dress shoes, people.

Fashionable Outfit

You gotta be really confident to mix and match patterns like this, but Mario pulls it off. There’s harmony between the colors—he’s sticking to primaries, which helps—and his bottom half is overall less busy than the top. Pairing a blazer with a snapback makes him look a little bit like a tech bro, but I’ll forgive that.

Mechanic Outfit


This is my favorite outfit from the game, and it’s all about that backwards cap. Usually a backwards baseball cap is a signal that you’re in a frat or a member of Limp Bizkit, but here it pulls the outfit together. Maybe it’s the way his hair peeks out of it, or the workman quality of the jumpsuit that plays against the casual hat. In any case, slap that exact outfit on a male model and you could envision it on a runway.

Mario’s Tuxedo


All-white formal wear is incredibly bold, but Mario looks almost as classy as Gucci Mane did at his wedding. I’m into this trend. Next time Mario could use a diamond studded sword, though. Also, love the red bowtie. Red is certainly Mario’s color, and having a pop of it helps the white vest not blend into the the white jacket.

King’s Outfit


Honestly, with different pants I would totally rock this. Why aren’t we all wearing capes all of the time? And where are my gold shoes? What I like about this especially is that even though he’s dressed as a king, he’s recognizably Mario. Not everyone can rock a mustache, but there’s something to be said about having a signature look.

Aviator Outfit


Shearling jackets are making a huge comeback, and seeing one on Mario, you can tell why. Not only does it look comfortable and warm, it gives even this rotund plumber a rugged look. I also very much dig the all the buckles and straps. Aviator gear, like the motorcycle jacket, are work outfits made with the intention of standing up to heavy machinery. As the machinery they were associated with became cool, so did the outfits. Am I saying Mario looks cool here? Well… almost.

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