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Bowser Will Comment On Your Outfit In Super Mario Odyssey

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In addition to being a great platformer and excellent collectible game, Mario Odyssey is also a fashion sim. In the game, just like in real life, every outfit has its fans and critics.


What follows includes some very minor spoilers for the ending of the game, so readers beware.

As pointed out in a recent GameXplain video, Mario’s different outfits aren’t just for show. They can also provoke different responses from Bowser in the game’s final boss fight. Every meeting starts with the King of the Koopas making a generic remark about how Mario’s clothes suck:

“Gwahahaha! Crashing the wedding, Mario? That’s tacky, even for you.”

“Also, your outfit isn’t halfway fancy enough for the occasion! Not that it matters, since you WEREN’T INVITED!”


Some costumes will elicit unique responses, however. If you’re wearing something that showed up in a previous game, like retro Mario outfits, the safari suit or the chef’s hat, Bowser will talk about how it looks familiar.

If you’re wearing clothing from the past like the Samurai armor or pirate getup, Bowser will instead ask what’s up with all these history costumes. Throughout each of these variations he always keeps the final part the same, which is funny in its own right. If you go shirtless, he’ll claim to not be scared while stuttering “And y-you WEREN’T INVITED!”

Unsurprisingly, Bowser’s favorite Mario outfit is the Bowser tuxedo. “Also, I gotta say, great outfit! Very classy!” he exclaims if you stumble upon him while trying to steal his look and pass it off as your own.

Illustration for article titled Bowser Will Comment On Your Outfit In iSuper Mario Odyssey/i

He also really digs the bridal outfit too though. “Also, you look amazing! Love the outfit!” Even Bowser can’t deny that the plumber really knows how to rock a wedding gown. Who needs your mother-in-law or best friend to say yes to the dress when you’ve got Bowser’s approval.

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Heather Alexandra

Goddamn it, Ethan! Bowser is in this game? I’ve been spoiled for eternity. Looks like I’m going to fire my copy of the game into the sun now that you ruined it for me.