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Six Days Later, PS4's v2.00 Update Is Still Causing Problems

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's been almost a week since the rocky 2.00 firmware update went live on PS4, and although Sony has acknowledged all of the issues it's caused, there's still no ETA on when things will be fixed.

PS4 v2.00, which came out last Tuesday, has triggered a number of widespread problems over the past few days, most notably involving the system's newly-renamed Rest Mode. This mode suspends the PS4, allowing users to charge their controllers and download games while the system isn't in use. But with the new firmware installed, many PS4 owners (including a few Kotaku writers) have run into the somewhat-worrying problem of the system not turning back on after falling asleep. (More like Coma Mode, am I right?)


The solution, for now: don't use Rest Mode. If you must use Rest Mode, and you do run into this problem, don't unplug your PS4—just hold the power button until it turns off.

That's not all, of course: the new system update has also led to a host of other random problems involving sounds, party chat, messages, and the PS4's user interface. (Many of these issues have been documented by Redditors here.)


On Friday, publisher 2K Games delayed the PS4 alpha of their upcoming shooter Evolve, citing v2.00 as the reason. (The alpha has since gone live on PS4, and it's all been extended until Tuesday.)

So, yes, it's something of a disaster.

Representatives for Sony have not responded to Kotaku's requests for comment other than to say they're looking into this, but the PlayStation Twitter account did announce yesterday that the company is "working to resolve" these problems:

Here's hoping they get this done soon.

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