Illustration for article titled Sin  Punishment 2, Picross 3D Finally Dated For North America

Nintendo has made today's Nintendo Summit in San Francisco the most exciting event of the day, dating two titles that have been TBA for far too long: Sin & Punishment 2 for the Wii and Picross 3D for Nintendo DS.


Sin & Punishment 2 will come stateside as Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, arriving June 7 on the Wii in North America. That's plenty of time to finish Super Mario Galaxy 2 and move onto something else. You can read our hands-on impressions of Treasure's sequel to the Nintendo 64 classic shooter here.


Also, for the rabid Picross fan, Nintendo will be bringing the long awaited Picross 3D to North American DS owners on May 3, meaning that we're about to have the best Nintendo summer ever.

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