Sims Players Are Trying To Spawn Cool Kids From Random Parents

The Sims is a virtual dollhouse, and that freedom should mean that coming up with new scenarios for your sims should be easy. In actuality, after you play a while, you find yourself making the same old sims over and over. Sims players have found a way to shake up their games.

Sims players love making up challenges. The Legacy Challenge is the most famous one, and it tasks you with carrying on a family through ten generations. Simmers—that’s what Sims enthusiasts call themselves—make up fun scenarios all the time. Whether it’s playing as a single father, or making a sim have a hundred babies, these challenges give players a new way of looking at the game. One that caught my eye was the Random Genetics Challenge, so I gave it a shot.

In the Random Genetics Challenge, you randomize two parents, and then randomize their child. Then, without changing their features, you make that kid look cute. Sometimes, the kid you end up looks like a demon. Sometimes you end up pretty lucky, like I did. Honestly, this sim is so cute I don’t want to play any of my other families anymore. And I guess that’s the point.

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