Will Wright, creator of The Sims and SimCity, hasn't worked on a video game since 2008's Spore. What's he been keeping busy with in the meantime? How about making a TV show.

Yes, the super-successful game designer has teamed up with Albie Hecht, former boss of Spike and Nickelodeon, to develop a series called The Creation Project. There's no real gaming angle. It's "just" a TV show.


It's one that promises to be a little different, however, as it's built around the premise of viewer interaction. According to IGN, members of the public will be asked to send in ideas for plotlines, and the best of those will go to a vote. The storylines winning the votes get made into episodes.

Wright's input comes in the form of the "StoryMaker Engine", which will allow people to come up with functional storyboards real quick.

None of this has been officially announced, mind you; this all comes from "planning documents" obtained by video game website IGN. So whether the show ever sees the light of day or not, we won't know until later in the year.

What's Will Wright's Next Creation? [IGN]

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