You gotta love Sims 4 glitches—they're so absurd, it's hard not to laugh at them.

Take this new fork glitch, for example. People like bitter-sweetandsour are finding that, for whatever reason, the game permanently attaches a fork to their sims hands. It results in bizarre situations, such as the one above, where a pregnant sim goes on a jog with a fork.

Sims are making out with each other with forks:

(Via dirtypeasantpeen)

Ah yes, the old "stick a fork in her back during a makeout" trick. I read about it in Cosmo. 100% guaranteed woohoo.


Sims are hanging out with each other with forks, because forks are good icebreakers.

(According to simsgonewrong, the fork has been stuck on this lady's hand for two whole days!)


Sometimes the game makes it seem like the fork is straight up lodged into the sim's hand:

(Via I-Was-Feeling-Twirly)

Sims are even eating pizza with forks, the barbarians:


No, sims do not normally eat pizza with forks, in case you're wondering.

Sims are holding forks WHILE GIVING BIRTH:


(Via fallopianpocahontas)


It's no demon baby glitch, but still: the fork glitch is hilarious. I kind of wish my sim had this problem, but he's too busy pissing himself.

Have you encountered this while playing? Let us know in the comments.