SimCity Finally Gets An Offline Mode Today

Illustration for article titled emSimCity/em Finally Gets An Offline Mode Today

One year later, SimCity will finally be playable without an Internet connection—a new update, live today, adds an offline single-player mode to the controversial city-building game.


EA's got a full FAQ clarifying what this mode will entail. You'll be able to play the newest SimCity offline whenever you want—on both PC and Mac—and they've even got cheat codes in case you don't feel like earning all those simoleons the hard way. The patch—called Update 10—is totally free, and live right now. Let us know if you run into any problems downloading it.

SimCity, which launched in March 2013 as an online-only game, was plagued with bugs, AI issues, and connectivity problems that rendered the game unplayable for almost a week after it first came out. At the time, SimCity's developers said an offline mode would not be possible.


Between this and Diablo III's auction house going offline today, it's almost like big game companies are... actually listening.

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Miraj Haque

Even with the offline mode I still don't feel compelled to play. It's just there sitting on my desktop collecting virtual dust.