SimCity Boss on Game's Failure: 'This is on Maxis. We Own It.'

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After fielding some 1900 questions in a 45-minute Twitter Q&A, Maxis, the maker of SimCity, directly answered about eight regarding the game, which has been inaccessible to many since it released on Tuesday.


"This is on Maxis," said Lucy Bradshaw, the studio's boss, in response to a customer's allegation that publisher Electronic Arts required SimCity to always connect to the game's servers, even for the fundamentally singleplayer modes of the city-building simulation. "EA does not force design upon us," she said. "We own it, we are working 24/7 to fix it, and we are making progress."

Additionally, Bradshaw said Maxis more than doubled its server capacity on Friday and added more today. But again, it's "just not possible" to let the game revert to an offline, singleplayer mode because, as has been said before, SimCity depends heavily on cloud computing, taking place on a computer other than the gamer's, to run the simulation.


The remainder of her responses debunked previous rumors that EA's Origin service would ban someone who demanded a refund, and pleaded with customers to stick with the game. EA is offering a free game to those who bought SimCity, as a makegood.

"Anything you would like to say to die hard fans of the franchise who will not buy this game due to a tarnished image?" asked @AAPL_Geek.


"I sure hope that after we right this ship, you will give the game a try. It is really good, worthy of the brand!" Bradshaw replied.

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So five-ten years from now, is the game going to be unplayable once the servers are no longer existent? Seems like a pretty bad way to about things from a design and longevity perspective.