SimCity 2000 Had Some Weirdo Music, Man

Every so often I'll be going back through classic video game music and a game will sound completely different than I remembered. SimCity 2000 is one of those games.


Listen to the music in this clip—it's... really weird! The melodies are kind of haunting, odd dissonant notes up against lonely, floating basslines... looping over and over... it's amazing how the melodies came back to me as I listened, partly because they had faded from memory and partly because they're so strange and non-hummable.

Side note: I had also forgotten how the "telephone pole" sound effect is basically a guy going, "Zzt." Ha!

Noted TV and video game composer Chris Tilton will be doing the music for the new SimCity, and everything I've heard is much more straight ahead than the weirdness that these games used to get away with.



I had SimCity 2000 for the Mac and the music from that version ROCKED!