Riding mechs in Titanfall? Great idea. Riding other people? Uhhhh. That's a one-way ticket to sometimes disorienting hilarity (and being called a hacker, probably).

Check out what happens when kensim28 accidentally finds themselves rodeoing an enemy pilot—amusingly, despite being so close to each other, actually killing the other pilot proves a tad difficult. And to make things even better, it seems as if the enemy pilot respawns on kensim—and kensim somehow finds themselves totally clipping through the map. Kind of makes you wonder what kensim looked like to other players—how does nobody notice someone riding on top of another pilot?

According to YouTube comments and some players on Reddit, this glitch is not an isolated incident—it's happened to other people as well, though it seems to be a rare aberrance. Thankfully, it's not a permanent thing: you can see kensim detach from the enemy pilot once he figures out how to get inside his own titan. And as amusing as this is, hopefully it gets patched out, since it'll probably be a matter of time before someone figures out the exact conditions necessary to reproduce it.

Titanfall Glitch - Rodeoing Another Pilot [kensim28]