Silly GTA V Jet, This Isn't Tony Hawk

Today on Highlight Reel we have jet drifting, invisible bikes, air sniping, over enthusiastic orcs boats in cities skylines and more!

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I hate to be the one to say it and not offer alternative suggestions, but quite a lot of GTA stuff, like almost too much.

I mean plenty of other interesting titles out there, it seems like usually 30-50% GTA and maybe 1 clip or two from other games.

I know a couple of those horror games came out, would love to hear people's reaction on them (5 nights at freddy's etc).

Some great achievements in the speed running world and exploit world as well as some clutch moves in big boss battles and tournaments.

I like the compilation, and you have an excellent voice, it just feels like it really is curated to the GTA crowd.

Bottom line, I appreciate the effort that goes into making this several times a week, excellent voice, just perhaps some alternative content?