Silly Game Show Gets Silly iPhone Game From Capcom

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The only thing more ridiculous than a television quiz show set inside a taxi cab is an iPhone game simulating a television quiz show set inside a taxi cab.


Yes, Capcom Mobile and Discovery Communications have teamed up to bring Cash Cab to the iPhone. Players take a simulated taxi ride, answering increasingly difficult questions on their way to their destination, with three strikes getting you kicked out of the backseat, hopefully in a nice neighborhood. The game features pictures of the actual show's host, comedian turned cab driver Ben Bailey, heightening the sensation of playing a game set inside a taxi.

Seriously, this show has been running for four years now, and has won an Emmy award, and despite my scorn, whenever I catch a glimpse of it while sifting through my channels I have to sit and watch, and god help me if there's a marathon on. I can't explain it. Maybe I'm waiting for someone to get knifed.


Cash Cab is now on sale in the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

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I normally despise game shows, but something about cash cab gets me. Maybe it's the lack of flair and bullshit that makes other game shows so painful to watch (how can it take you an hour to open 25 boxes?) and the strait forward nature Cash Cab presents itself with.

Either way, I really enjoy it. And the fact that it doesn't have Jeopardy-type "who the hell could possibly know that?" questions and instead has ones a reasonable person typically would know makes it more enjoyable.