Silly 3DS Stand Is All Alone

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On March 22 in Japan, Nintendo is launching that goofy 3DS stand it is bundling with Kid Icarus: Uprising. Yours for ¥800 (US$9.50). [Inside]


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Really...the 3DS is getting stupid with peripherals. It wont be soon now that we see, slingshot faceplate, Bow style 3DS, Ultra Pro Pad with added buttons (it adds a volume button on the opposite side), Thumbstick helper (it places a sturdy rubber to make the slidestick stick to the finger) Car Handled 3DS, Bat Handle, Golf Handle, Mario Hat Handle (A plastic Mario Hat to cover the 3DS perfect for those Mario Games) Epona Cradle (horse type cradle to charge the 3DS, 4 Analog Pad ( Two stick is yesterday's thing, Four is whats today's future, great for Monster Hunter 4Dual4Button), Bigger L and R Pad (adds Bigger L and R button), 3Don (its a handle that clips on the 3D slider to keep it steady). *

*all are made up stuff