The lovely folks over at GameCinemaHD have just posted a video of the first major boss battle from the next installment of Konami's long-running horror series, Silent Hill: Homecoming. Those of you who would rather be surprised are advised to ignore this post altogether. Those of you too curious to stop yourselves should be warned that the clip contains language not suitable for most work environments. Knowing that some of our readers are of the more weak-willed variety, we've gone ahead and posted the video after the jump, so the choice is yours.Click to view It doesn't look too shabby, does it? The boss is pretty impressive...definitely not something I'd want to be caught alone with in a circular room, armed only with an axe. Everything looks a bit too orange though. I suppose it's a step up from brown, but still. Hit the link to go to GameCinemaHD's Silent Hill: Homecoming page, where another exclusive clip should be appearing shortly! Silent Hill: Homecoming [GameCinemaHD]