If Konami does have plans to re-release the original Silent Hill for the Wii and PSP, as previously rumored, that announcement must be coming soon, as the BBFC has just recently rated the title.


Rating a ten-year-old PlayStation game isn't typically the kind of thing the British Board of Film Classification does these days, so we're guessing that the Wii and PSP remake rumor holds some water. The BBFC "15" rating issued today doesn't spill any details, other than that the game "Contains strong violence." It doesn't list platforms or developer.

It does, however, list a slew of scenes from the game reviewed by the BBFC. These include titles like "BAD ENDING PT.2" and "HARRY, CYBIL, AND DAHLIA" but nothing that jumps out as new or different from the original Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Origins developer Climax was previously pegged to be handling platform translation duties, bringing the 1999 psychological horror adventure to the Wii and PlayStation Portable.

We wonder if Konami is taking a page from Capcom's playback, readying a series of Wii remakes along the lines of the Resident Evil cash-ins. If they do right by Silent Hill, let's hope so.


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