Sif Is Cute In Dark Souls, Is Even Cuter In Animation

Image: From Software (Dark Souls Wiki)

Dark Souls players know to respect Sif. After all, he carries a massive sword in his mouth and the mournful tale of his friend Artorias in his heart. But he’s also a big furry wolf who is extremely heckin’ cute.

Anna Piwońska’s short, but incredible, hand-drawn animation of Sif’s initial appearance in Dark Souls really hammers home how excellent Sif is as a creature. He’s loyal! He howls! He’s a giant (tiny) wolf with a sword! What’s not to love?


Sif doesn’t want to have to kick the player’s ass, but once you show up in the sword garden, there’s just not a lot of options available for everyone. I love that the animation captures everything excellent and cute about Sif in five seconds, and I hope that we get to see some other cute-ified Dark Souls creatures.

And, of course, if you haven’t seen it and you’re not afraid of spoilers, here’s Sif’s introduction in the Dark Souls game.

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