Side-Scrolling Team Fortress 2 Mod Ready For Download

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If you were as impressed as we were by Dylan 'Steaky' Loney's Team Fortress 2 mod The Great Class Dash, which turned Valve's first-person shooter into a side-scrolling platformer, then you'll be glad to hear it's now available for download.


We fell in love with The Great Class Dash from the moment we saw the first video of the mod in action earlier this month. Creator Loney promised us it would be out by the end of the month, and so it is. The Great Class Dash has actually been available since Friday, but since Owen wasn't around this weekend to poke us vigorously, it slipped past our radar.


In case you need a refresher course, here's the proper trailer for The Great Class Dash.

Looks brilliant, doesn't it? The download is only 69MB, features four levels, and works on any PC capable of running Team Fortress 2. Go get it.

The Great Class Dash [Mapcore]

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Platypus Man

Downloaded it and played it some a little earlier. It's a nice idea, but the frantic jumping paired with the too-fast class changing is too much for me. I got to the third level (Volcano) and there's a section where you have to switch to Sniper (get past a snake), switch to Heavy (bust through a wall), back to Sniper (another snake), jump (either switch to Scout or time it properly with the Sniper), switch to Spy (Sentry), switch to Heavy (wall), switch to Sniper (snake), switch to Scout (double-jump, and if you miss, there's lava), switch to Pyro (flies?), and then it keeps going. I don't know if I made it past that part, but all of that that I mentioned takes, I'd say, about 5 seconds, maybe a bit more. It's just a bit too much switching too quickly for my tastes (and abilities).

However, one cool thing I did find — use Bonk as the Scout and the view switches to behind the character for the duration, and after it runs out, it's normal first-person, but you can't aim or anything. It'll stay like that until you change classes.