Sid Meier's Weddings!

To: Crecente
From: Luke
Re: 100-Years Cold


Receptions, cars, venues, guest's dawning on me that getting married is hard. Video games are much easier, so let's talk about them.


I sat down tonight with five games laid out in front of me. Prince of Persia, FIFA 09, Fable II, Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet. All tempting, but now, hours later, I look up and I didn't play any of them. I spent the night playing Civilization IV.


God in heaven, that's one fantastic game. You know, I sometimes wish I was marrying Sid Meier instead. And yes. I would be Mrs. Meier.

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You make a lovely bride Lukeretia.

Prince of Persia was beautifully made, but the replay value is practically null and void, not to mention it is ridiculously easy. Resistance 2 was awesome, and I enjoyed multiplayer co-op alot for some reason. Civilization IV was alright, but don't seem to want to play it anymore.

My game right now is Valkyria Chronicles. I for some reason am enjoying it, and for some reason I keep doing the same skirmish over and over again, to see if I can do it in less turns than before. I think I have done 1 skirmish over and over again for like a solid 6 hrs.