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Show Us Your XCOM Squad

I sincerely hope you guys are all playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown right now. Yeah, Dishonored is great. But XCOM, man… this game has been keeping me up until 3 in the morning night after night. It's amazing.


As we noted in our tips for playing the game, one of the best things about the game is how you can customize and rename your squad. Twitter has been on fire with people sharing their friends' in-game exploits (I have personally been killed like three or four times).


So, we want to see your XCOM squad!

Drop a picture of them in the comments, tell us who they're based on, and share any great exploits they've had.

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Man, I just can't decide between this and Xenonauts. I loved the original X-Com and all it's hardcore, frustrating, challenging, suspenseful, Time Units glory, but I also enjoyed playing the new one.

My biggest problem with the new one is that it seems like it's been dumbed down and streamlined a little too much. I played the demo and, while enjoyable, I missed the feel of the original.

But then, XCom does look pretty and people HAVE been liking it...