Master Chief ain't special. I mean, consider his drab green—it clashes with everything! Cmon buddy, don't you know orange is in right now? Your armor needs to match the new weapons you're carrying around. This is basic fashion 101 right here.

Luckily, our Spartans don't have to be unfashionable. Thanks to the customization options available in Halo 4's multiplayer, we can have all sorts of different characters running about. The one above is mine—I like to go for the cleaner, elegant look, with a small touch that says "I'm dangerous." Something like that, anyway.

What about you, what does your Spartan look like? You can either take a picture on your TV (theater mode allows you to take screenshots), or you can head down to Halo Waypoint like I did. Once there, you can log in—first timers will have to link their Windows Live account. Once that's done, check out your Service Record—a profile of your Spartan should be there for screenshot purposes. Show us!