So, Mass Effect 2 is out. Being the second game in the series, a lot of you are now playing for the second time with the same character. That kind of action forms bonds. Bonds that need to be shared.

So show us your Commander Shepard! That's mine, up there. A grizzled, beat-up old coot, part veteran, part silver fox. He's no spring chicken. He's covered wars, you know.

I show you mine, now you show me yours. Man, woman, young, old, handsome or freakishly disfigured, share your Shepard with the world, we won't judge you. OK, we will judge you, and maybe post some of the better ones a little later.

All you need to do is upload a pic of your Commander in the comments section below, along with their name and any other particulars you'd like to share. Try anything else - like emailing me - and I'll ban you.


Please note, to keep things clean for those browsing I'll be demoting any comment that isn't a pic of a Shepard.