Show Us The Games You're Playing To Survive The Summer Doldrums

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Every summer there's a video game dead zone, a break between the games of spring and the deluge of the fall. Lately it's seemed as though that dead zone is getting shorter and shorter. But it arrives each year nonetheless.


As we ease our way into July, it's clear that we're about to enter 2013's video game doldrums. The Last of Us has been out for weeks, but other than that, no major "tentpole" games have recently been released.

While there will doubtless be a few indie and mobile surprises, July itself is looking pretty barren, other than the Brave New World expansion for Civ V on July 9 and Shin Megami Tensei IV on the 16th. (Though about an hour after I scheduled this, Telltale announced that the new episode of The Walking Dead will come out this week, so you never know!)


In the summer low-period, we turn to our backlogs, to the classics we never played, and to our Steam library. What games will occupy our time for the next month?

Let's do this in the comments. If you've got plans to play through some older games, or catch up on this year's releases, let us know what you're playing in a separate post down below. I'll go first.

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Stephen Totilo

Maybe I'll finally finish Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem and Prof Layton, which are all nearly complete on my 3DS but not quite completed. Each game got in the way of me finishing the previous one! And then I started the never-ending Animal Crossing and feel like I'll never finish anything on the 3DS anymore.