Shovel Knight Is Coming To Switch, Getting A New Structure And Price

That’s a buff looking Shield Knight!
That’s a buff looking Shield Knight!

Shovel Knight will be released on the Nintendo Switch. The popular platformer is also getting a slew of additional modes as well as new name and price.


Yacht Club Games outlined their plans in a blog post today. Shovel Knight will be updated into a new version called Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Players who own the original title will have their copy upgraded to the new version for free. It will contain the main game, the Plague Knight campaign Plague of Shadows, and the new Specter of Torment campaign featuring Specter Knight.

The original campaign will now be known as ‘Shovel of Hope’
The original campaign will now be known as ‘Shovel of Hope’

After the upgrade to Treasure Trove, new players who did not own the game will be able to purchase previous campaigns separately or as a bundle. The game’s price will also be increasing an unspecified amount in the Spring. If the restructuring seems confusing, that’s because it kind of is.

Less confusing and far more welcome are the upcoming additions to the game. A gender swapping Body Swap Mode will change the genders of characters like Shovel Knight and Shield Knight. Co-Op mode, previously an exclusive to WiiU users with Shovel Knight amiibos will also be coming to all platforms.

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Shovel Knight remains one of the best platformers of the last several years. I’m a little biased, as it combined two of my favorite games from my childhood (Mega Man and DuckTales), but goddamn if it isn’t an example of how the retro vibe can be perfectly executed in modern times.

Definitely worth the price of entry, for those who haven’t picked it up already--and for those who have, I’m curious how many are like me, and bought at least two copies (3DS and PC, myself) to support the devs.