Shovel Knight Is Coming To Sma--Er, For Honor

Finally, after years of waiting, Shovel Knight is coming to the popular fighting game… For Honor. Oh...that’s fine I guess. I mean, who can think of any other game that needs Shovel Knight?


Ubisoft Announced today that new Shovel Knight-inspired outfits, emotes and executions are available in the online fight ‘em up For Honor until March 4. In a video shared by the publisher, you can see big, burly warriors wearing the iconic blue horned helmet from the retro-styled platformer. It all looks very nice and I’m happy for folks who like both For Honor and Shovel Knight.

Meanwhile, Smash Bros Ultimate has relegated the worthy knight to an assist trophy, even though he has his own Ambiio and would be a perfect fit for the game. And unlike the most recent fighters added to the popular Nintendo fighting game, Shovel Knight doesn’t use a sword. Doesn’t the world deserve a new Smash character who doesn’t use a sword? Even better, one who uses a shovel! Getting a message from my editor... Wait, it already has Minecraft’s Steve and he has a shovel. OK, fine, well, why not two shovel fighters?

The Shovel Knight content in For Honor is only available until March 4 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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My Little Metroid

Look they can’t promote an assist trophy to player character because then they would need to do Waluigi and that would open the 7th seal and drown the world in a tide of madness.