Should You Buy Move For your PS3?

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Tonight's the night, well technically tomorrow in the very early morning.

At the strike of midnight you will be able to pick up the Playstation 3's Move add-on in North America so you can play motion games on your Sony console.

The question is: Should you?

I've had one for a bit now, and I've found some games I quite enjoy playing with it. At the top of my list is actually Ubisoft's R.U.S.E. which has Move support that turns what could have been an awkward feeling real-time strategy game into something that feels a bit like playing strategy on the PC.


But ultimately, you're going to have to make your own mind up on this one. Fortunately we've provided you tons of research to help you make that decision.

Here are the three best places to look for all of the information you need:

Playstation Move Review: The Motion Controller Wars Start Now
The Ultimate Guide To The PlayStation Move
The Complete Playstation Move Compendium

Let us know what you decide. And if you pick the Move up, record one of these for me: Flight of the Move Controllers


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Mike Fahey

I just got mine and played the sports thing at an awkward angle from my television. It wants me 8.5 feet away from the camera. I don't have that much room. Sad.