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Should Video Game Retailers Screen Their Employees for Fanboyism?

Illustration for article titled Should Video Game Retailers Screen Their Employees for Fanboyism?

Should video game store employees be allowed to let their personal preferences influence which products they suggest? That's the question commenter Uncle Jesse asks in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


Fanboys are everywhere, but do some of you who work at retail shops and try to influence your customers? Just because you love something, doesn't mean someone else will. I've both experienced and witnessed several times, employees pushing their opinions on people that clearly weren't looking to buy that particular game/console. There should be some form of interview, fanboy-screening before being allowed to work in sales. I get working at a Sony store and being a die-hard Sony fan, but what about working at Best Buy and telling customers that Microsoft sucks and Sony is "obviously the better choice" - which I just heard someone say the other day.

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Could it be that salespeople get commissions? Since the PS3 is more expensive and thus nets the salesperson more money, the salesperson would naturally rather have you buy that than the 360, it seems. But I dunno how it works at these stores.

Even if that's not the case, stores oftentimes could very well have a reason for pushing one over the other besides salesperson fanboyism. I have a strong feeling that salespeople are instructed to push certain products and that games and consoles are no exception.