Should the Kingdom Hearts Games That Suck Still Count?

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In today's continuity-shattering installment of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Yoshi Salcedo wants us to settle an argument he's having with his girlfriend over Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts series. Should we disregard the DS games because they suck?


My girlfriend and I are both Kingdom Hearts fans, and as usual we argued over who was right about the continuity of the spinoffs.

So I've played all the games, from Birth By Sleep to Kingdom Hearts 2, and I guess I am entitled to say the DS iterations of the Kingdom Hearts saga was utter garbage in terms of gameplay, story, and relativity to story. My girlfriend, however, thinks otherwise. I mean I'm not saying the DS is bad, but the Kingdom Hearts games on it were bad. The graphics where shit, the story for both (358/2 Days and Re: coded) were shit, and the general relativity to Kingdom Hearts as a whole was lacking. Birth By Sleep, however, had a tremendous story, graphics where amazing, and the gameplay was just awesome (only because it was on the PSP, if it were made for the DS I'm sure my opinion would be different). Looking at it, Birth By Sleep was a proper sequel, Chain of Memories was a proper se/prequel, and I'm hoping Dream Drop Distance will be a proper sequel. My girlfriend is entitled to her opinion... but you know, not assuming things but I swear she's kissing (Nomura's) ass here.


So what's up Kotaku? Were the DS games just measly spinoffs made for the sake of making money, or do you think they well deserved their place in the Kingdom Hearts saga?

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358/2 Days is the only KH game i've ever played — got it on a whim at some point 'cause i'd heard friends ranting about the franchise. I never finished this horrible offering and never will. But to be fair, i hear that this may not have been the best possible introduction to KH games and since i'm a relatively fair guy i'm willing to let bygones be bygones.

What KH game should i pick up to cleanse the palate and get a better first impression of the franchise?

I prefer it on the DS, but lets make this one all platforms included.