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Should Japanese Arcades Worry About 3D Goggle Bacteria?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Upcoming arcade title Metal Gear Arcade is in 3D. If this game is a hit, it could start a 3D arcade gaming trend. And just like 3D Hollywood films shown in theaters, gamers wear 3D goggles.

Just think of all the people who have worn the goggles before you! Like this lady. Her nose grease and eyeball bacteria just waiting for you to pick up and play. Alert the hypochondriacs! They already have been for movie theater 3D glasses.


In Italy, the health ministry has confiscated approximately 7,000 sets of 3D glasses from cinemas, reports Reuters. The glasses are being confiscated because the ministry believe the glasses could cause hygiene problems if they are not properly cleaned betweens shows.

With all the airborne viruses in movie theaters and not to mention the potential bacteria festering in the seats and on the arm rests, Italian health officials are worried about goggles? Hope they are also worried about restroom sinks as well. Giving the ministry the benefit of the doubt, perhaps precautions were necessary.


Meanwhile, Japan has been installing air purification systems in its theaters. Not everything in Japan is clean and neat. The country has its share of grime; however, there is a tremendous importance placed on being clean. It is no accident that the word for "clean" in Japanese also means "beautiful".

The Metal Gear Arcade goggles could certainly be a breeding ground for all sorts of fun bacteria. But at the country's larger arcades, it is not uncommon to see arcade staffers doing more than merely emptying ashtrays, but also wiping down joysticks and cabinets with a disinfectant cloth. Then there are arcades that are complete and utter dumps. Metal Gear Arcade: Staph Infection of the Patriots, anyone?