Short Clip Celebrates PlayStation's 20th Birthday

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The twentieth anniversary of the first PlayStation console's Japanese release is fast approaching, and Sony's here to commemorate it with—what else—a montage.

The clip is part of a broader 20th anniversary promotion-slash-celebration for the brand, which is chronicled on a web page found on the official Japanese PlayStation site. Items and events "claimed" by the promotion so far include the likes of the pink PS Vita and the Metal Slime PS4, and the upcoming PlayStation Awards 2014, which will take place on the anniversary date, December 3. Judging by the number of blank tiles on the page, there's a lot more coming.


As for the U.S. side of things, the PlayStation was only launched here in 1995, on September 9. Perhaps we can look forward to a similar celebration kicking off around that time next year.

PlayStation 20th Anniversary Montage [PlayStation Japan@YouTube]

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Abandoned Account

Do they include the part about how Nintendo gave birth to them? Yeah, probably not... Congrats Sony... I guess... 10+ million units sold with no family or teenage games and you are busy making montages to celebrate your... brand?