Last week, there was a big ole Xbox celebration, and with that came my new favorite video game personality: Xbox In A Hat. I asked you to ‘shop up some things for Xbox In A Hat to do for its birthday, and you didn’t disappoint.

What makes an Xbox with a hat so special? After all, you can put a hat on anything. There’s nothing stopping you from putting a hat on a fire hydrant, an emu, or a cup of hot chocolate. But you’re not doing that. No one is hatting all the objects of the Earth, and so therefore Xbox In A Hat is fairly unique. And I enjoy it.

Our winner this week is Done With Kinja, who took two different kinds of story-specific hat and smashed them together. One was a valiant story of hat that talks to kids. The other is a story of a birthday hat. Together? Nothing could stop them.

But that’s not all. I’ve got some excellent honorable mentions for you, but make sure you go back and read through all the submissions on the original post.


handsome-and-marvel has created a quandary: is it the Xbox that is supposed to be the ring here, or is it the hat?


Mrichston has created some kind of gamer robot who is probably going to teach us some kind of weepy lesson about how to be excellent to one another.

Bunnyfish knows that Xbox In A Hat is not going to open the pod bay doors.


Duraigo has created a weird fork of the 2001 plot in which Xbox In A Hat has come to stand in for all of machinic creation, and it is here to kick ass and take names all over Dave’s baroque modernist bedroom.

Bob is celebrating.


rogueIndy is, perhaps, incredulous about Xbox In A Hat.

Cartoonivore keeps the gags from The Simpsons running.


Chris Mc is showing off the little-known DLC villain “Xbox Head.”

DukeOfWulf really wants that dang Xbox. Gotta use the Force to get it!


Satanael is showing off the power of the adaptable console from the 1990s with this excellent Xbox One X revision.

Arai-the fly on the wall knows that the Xbox In A Hat is here to party.


cecil_banon has me all freaked out with this doppleganger Xbox In A Hat.

silver6kraid did what we were all thinking. It’s good!


Rembrantt is here to holler about a happy birthday. There’s probably some great jangly music, too.

And that’s all for this week! Thanks to everyone who submitted, congrats to the winner and the honorable mentions, and I’ll be back on Sunday with a new ‘Shop Contest.