Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been out for more than a week now, and people are discovering the wonders of Ancient Greece. Last week, I tasked our loyal ‘Shop Crew with the job of showing us some of the strangest stuff from the Classical Period. I was not disappointed.

I’ve been having my own fun as Kassandra. I’ve discovered some cult-y stuff, fought some leaders of countries, and demolished my way through a whole load of mercenaries. I’ve walked from edge to edge of several islands. And yet the things that I’ve been shown in this ‘Shop Contest are somehow more fantastical than even my most exciting experience.

Our winner this week is Done With Kinja, whose interpretation of the most scary thing to appear in Ancient Greece is accurate. As we all know, the Empire predates the Roman Empire, and as such they definitely invaded our planet during the classical period.

There are also some excellent honorable mentions this week, and I implore you to go to the original comments to see all of the excellent pieces that didn’t quite make it into this roundup.


Chelsea of Tranquility went for some subtle superheroic notes.


sciteach proves that Friday the 13th has always been a bad day.

NeoKenobi proves it’s not delivery, it’s Little Caesars.


MRichston demonstrates the violent need for this little pizza.

Villings got ‘em to the Greece.


KNUPAC found a different kind of heroic journey in Greece.

Tamales Y Atole needs additional characters.


amazingmao realized that there might just be one metagame of bow-and-sword action.

religiousjedi took us to Grease.


Joel found that damnable, malicious creature, that cursed canine, that monstrous mammal. That dog!

WilberWithAnE is looking for some ubisoftserve.


NickyTheNewt has traveled into a high-level area. Turn back.

Bob is allowing Cappy to slay enemies that appear to be possessed by Gooigi.


Burned Book found a damn kraken.

netsquire found a kid.


Chris Mc has found a terrible creature.

Charming & Granite understands that we are the Aqua Team.

And that’s all for this week! Join me for a new ‘Shop Contest tomorrow, and thanks again to all the participants!