Last week I asked the ‘Shop Crew to put together some holiday cheer, and y’all brought it all together.

I asked you to turn characters into Santa, but the holiday cheer seemed so exciting and powerful that you all just zipped and zapped your way into holiday extremity.

Our winner this week is Dixie-Flatline, who took the holiday cheer to a maximal level. Holiday armor is the most extreme version of holiday cheer, and this power armor did it better than I did in real life. I mean, golly.

But that’s not the only cheer that we had this week. Here’s some honorable mentions:


Kylie143 put Conker into the holiday spirit. Will he do a murder with that gun? How?

McGrabbs went back to The Santa Clause and recreated something very special.


Done with Kinja is going to take you to a beautiful town where definitely no one is going to get hurt in any way.

Bob took Link to the holiday world.


And religiousjedi decided that every single Link needed to come to the holiday.

TheBlackNerd is asking us to open up an advent calendar...of whoop ass.


There’s a lot of weird stuff in this image from cecil_banon.

I believe in this Santa from GenMan.


I don’t know why Santa would need a boat, but now he has one courtesy of Kriisikka.

celmation has made Spider-Santa, and I think he might be cold without his giant red suit.


Mrichston found someone with enough arms that he can deliver alllllll of the presents.


ssjmondo has discovered a dangerous holiday duo.

Dang that little Prince is going to deliver those presents in this image from Chris Mc.


It took the bravery of someone like Villings to take a stand for a holiday for the rest of us.

And that’s it for this week! Congrats to the winner and the honorable mentions, and I’ll see you back here during the same time and at the same place tomorrow.