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Shooting Game Historica Keeps On Shootin' With Vol. 3

Illustration for article titled Shooting Game Historica Keeps On Shootin With Vol. 3

Volumes one and two of Yujin's line of shooting game (shmup!) inspired capsule toys covered most of the classics: R-Type, Gradius, Fantasy Zone. Now it's time to dig a little deeper into what the plasticsmiths at Yujin call "Shooting Game Historica," with a new batch of five shooter ships getting the capsule toy treatment. The new stars of the Shooting Game Historica, volume three, are from the following games: - Raiden - In the Hunt - Soukyuu Gurentai/Terra Diver - Wolf Fang - Granada I'll take one of those Raiden ships and the In The Hunt submarine to go, please. Here's to hoping that Capcom signs on for Shooting Game Historica fun and brings us some Side Arms and Forgotten Worlds capsule toy joy. Gashapon Shooting Game History volume 3 [Shoot The Core via GameSetWatch]


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The MUSHA figure is awesome, it would be great if they release an unannounced figure with this set too.