Shooting Game Capsule Toys In Glorious Color

Toy maker Yujin gave us a sneak peek at the third round of Shooting Game Historica capsule toys way back in October. Today, we have a release date and eye-blistering color versions of each.


With some of the bigger names out of the way in the first two series, games like R-Type, Fantasy Zone, Gradius, it's time to delve into the more obscure. Shooting Game Historica Volume 3 features two Raiden variants, the Wolf Fang mech, the tank from Maneuver Cepter Granada, the Ceaser from Star Soldier and that thing from Soukyugurentai. Household names these are not.

And don't forget my personal favorite, the chubby sub from In The Hunt. It even has a lil' mini-sub accessory that's totally chibi. Look!


Totally precious, is it not?

Yujin has nailed down a May release date for the new Shooting Game Historica toys, charging 6300 yen per box containing 12 blind boxed toys.


U.S. Importer NCSX is now taking pre-orders to the tune of $66.90 USD. This is gonna be one expensive In The Hunt sub..

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