Illustration for article titled Shoot 1UP Brings Manic Shmup Action To Xbox Live Indie Games

Xbox 360 owners will get a rare opportunity to play a manic top-down shoot 'em up next month with the release of Shoot 1UP, a shmup with all the bullet-hell trimmings mixed with a clever mechanic.


The self-described "manic-yet-playable shooter" is from Mommy's Best Games, the developer of indie efforts Weapon of Choice and the forthcoming Grapple Buggy. Shoot 1UP focuses heavily on building an armada of ships—up to 30 at the same time—that can condemn enemy ships to bullet hell too.

Shoot 1UP's debut trailer highlights some of the gameplay mechanics, including two-player co-op, the mirroring "ghost" power up and the ability to steal ships from a friend, all coated in a thick layer of brightly colored bullets. Keep an eye on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel in January for the game.


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Apart from the odd formations they take in this, isn't that basically what most shmups call "options?" Usually they're just little pods that hover by your ship and fire with you...

Also seeing this, and recently playing some Warashi and Cave games instead of the usual Touhou, I really wish these games had the option to dim the background like DDR since I fail to see the skill in dodging bullets that blend in with the background scenery. There are parts in Triggerheart Exelica where I can't tell the enemies from the background from myself because it's all hidden under a curtain of bullets.