Shoko Nakagawa (pictured, with cats) is a big star in Japan. She's a TV personality, a singer and a nerd. She's a very pretty nerd, but still, a nerd. The queen of the otakus!

In Japan, the Xbox platform has traditionally been the one of choice for many otaku. As Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki pointed out, nobody in Japan buys an Xbox on accident.

Not that she needs to earn any more geek cred, but last month she bought an Xbox 360 to play Tales of Vesperia on. She wasn't alone! Lots of Japanese people bought an Xbox 360 for that game.

Then, it was announced that ToV would be coming to the PS3 — with a new character. People got pissed! What did Shoko Nakagawa think? On her blog, she wrote earlier this month, "Although I bought an Xbox 360 just for Tales of Vesperia, various PS3 ports are increasing (・ω・;)(;・ω・) Real-ly"


Two days later, she blogged, "When should I buy a PS3... I guess when we get that national stimulus payment from the Japanese government." (The Japanese government has paid all residents the equivalent of US$150 to stimulate the economy — not that she needs it!)

Why does it matter that Shoko Nakagawa is thinking of picking up a PS3?! Maybe it's fact that her blog has been accessed over a billion times. Or maybe she's a fair representation of what other people in Japan are feeling.


With the Final Fantasy XIII demo coming out and the game announced only for the PS3 in The Land of the Rising Sun, more and more Japanese gamers must be thinking the same thing: It's about time I got a PLAYSTATION 3.

箱ユーザーのしょこたんが、PS3購入に王手か? [ゲー速@2ch] [Pic]