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Shocker: Counter-Strike Map Based on Local School Causes Outrage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last month, one Counter-Strike fan got in trouble for putting a Montreal metro station in multiplayer map form. Recently, something quite similar has happened.

Last week, CBC News reported on locals' reactions to a Counter-Strike map featuring Port Moody Secondary School of Port Moody, B. C. People first became aware of the map when a video showing it in action was uploaded to YouTube.


"We have rainbow-colored lockers, and it's our field of dreams... and then to watch the video game, and see people shooting up our field of dreams, it was just so disturbing," Alex Devlin, a teacher at Port Moody Secondary School, told CBC News. "I believe it's just a game, it's not reality... but a lot of kids don't live in reality, right," another local said.

Since then, a website has been created by the map's creators in response to the large amount of criticism aimed at the map (and them). In its FAQ, they explain that they did not choose Port Moody Secondary for malicious reasons:

The map was this because it's architecture and design is rather ideal for the game's tactics. Furthermore, this is a location we are quite familiar with already. Additionally, supporters and fellow alumni are also likely familiar with this location, which makes it an ideal common ground for this game and its intended audience.


The Port Moody Police Department had also been contacted, and after conducting an investigation, they released this statement:

Although the creation of such a video game is likely ill-conceived in the current climate, it does not constitute an offence. Investigators from the Port Moody Police Department have interviewed the developer of this game and have concluded that he does not pose a danger to the staff or students of Port Moody Secondary.


Remember, folks: violent games can be a risk factor, but by themselves, they don't make you violent. Especially when the game in question is Counter-Strike on a barebones multiplayer map of a school, which has zero teachers and students to kill.

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