Blip Fest 2K12 is officially in effect. As previously noted, we'll have a nice and meaty rundown once the dust has settled. But for those who have not purchased their tickets yet, or simply cannot attend for whatever reason, here's a small sampling of how night one shaped up.


First we have shitbird (above), who according to the Blip Festival website, is "an alter ego/music project from an anonymous slob." The first thing that sticks out is the mask. Again, according to his Blip Fest bio: "He wears a bird mask representing the most notoriously annoying character from the platform daze."

shitbird looks like a crazy person, and also sounds plus acts like one too. With his Game Boy pushing such fast and abrasive beats, accented by all the nonstop screaming and his crazy person jig, gives the impression of someone trapped in a mental ward. One with the ability to make chiptunes.

Next we have Nullsleep, one of the primary architects of the Blip Festival, as well as the modern chiptune as a whole. One thing that defines Blip Fest year after year is all the contrasts that occur between performers, and comparing shitbird and Nullsleep is a perfect example.

Whereas shitbird is a relative newbie to the scene, and his performance is indicative of someone trying to find his groove, Nullsleep is a veteran who commands the stage with impeccable ease and deadly accuracy. Yet despite being active for well over a decade, the NYC based artist (real name: Jeremiah Johnson) has built his reputation on constantly pushing the boundaries of chiptunes into undiscovered territories.

But there are some things that the audience knows what to expect from a Nullsleep performance: fury, passion, and the opportunity to kick each others' ass in the mosh pit, driven by the audio produced from a simple child's toy crafted by Nintendo. This year's venue has a strict no crowd surfing policy, but rules are futile in the face of such an atmosphere, as the video demonstrates.


Tickets for tonight's and tomorrow's performances are still available, but they are going fast according to a Blip Festival representative. Get yours while you still can here.

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