Shirtless Old Spice Man Explains Joys Of Shirtless Gears of War Play

What questions burn within the big brain of Gears of War designer Cliff "Clifford" Bleszinski? "Does the huge dude in those Old Spice commercials do everything with his shirt off?" is one. The deodorized one responds, praising shirtless Locust chainsawing.

Bleszinski inquires on his Twitter account, "@OldSpice Do you do everything with your shirt off? Like, drive to the supermarket? Because I usually do." That, by the way, we would consider News, because it has not yet been confirmed that the best known face of Epic Games does his driving shirtless until now. And to the supermarket no less.


Well, you can see what the answer is for yourself. And, yes, Old Spice has been a sponsor on Kotaku before (and may still be?) but when it comes to the shirt-wearing and grocery shopping habits of Mr. B, we can't not post.

(The whole Old Spice Twitter video response thing is somewhat bananas. You can see how quickly they're pumping these things out on YouTube.)

Thanks for the heads up, Omar!

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