Street Fighter? More Like Strip Fighter

There have been miscounts and celebrity appearances, but let us not overlook another highlight of this weekend’s festivities: Shirtless EVO Guys.


You might think Casey “Onisan” Dillon is being an asshole here by not only stripping off on stage during a Street Fighter IV bout, but draping his shirt on Poongko, his opponent. But as you’ll soon see, it wasn’t an act of aggression.

It was an invitation. After all, Poongko is no stranger to Shirtless Street Fighter.

It’s getting hot in here.

You can watch the full fight (which actually took place on Friday) below.


Andrew Olson

For those who don’t know, Poongko is famous in the FGC for taking off his shirt when he gets angry or wants to pump himself up after a hard loss. This was meant to be an homage to his EVO appearance from 2011 when he ripped off his belt before beating Daigo Umehara, and then he took off the shirt too as a bonus reference to his numerous tournament appearances and Twitch stream where his shirt would come off.

What he forgot though was that when Poongko takes off his shirt, it usually means that there’s a Perfect incoming...which as expected, there was.