Shigeru Miyamoto: "Wii Music Development Was Relatively Easy"

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Game development for Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto is all about his team working "very diligently" and then having him come in to suggest adding silly things. Miyamoto's latest game, Wii Music, is different — he didn't have to go in and tell the team to add goofiness like the cheerleader. "I just turned the game on one day and all of a sudden there was a cheerleader," Miyamoto told Rolling Stone. "From that sense I would say that Wii Music was a relatively easy development project for me." We like it better when game development is difficult for Miyamoto. Nintendo Founder Mutates Music Games [Rolling Sonte via Go Nintendo] [Pic]


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Using character designs that are built into the console and making it so that flailing your arms wildly produces some semblance of "music" doesn't sound too hard to me either.

Oh Miyamoto, what happened?