Shigeru Miyamoto Couldn't Get A Job At Nintendo Today

Nintendo is a top notch Japanese company. Top notch Japanese companies want top notch Japanese recruits from top notch Japanese universities. Not folks like, you know, Shigeru Miyamoto who went to a normal college.

"Nintendo has become one of those companies that graduates from colleges and good universities really want to work for," Miyamoto told Edge in its latest issue (via Eurogamer).


"Because of that, the competition's really become so fierce for positions. And that means that a lot of the recent recruits for Nintendo have tended to have the higher degree from the prestigious colleges and universities and whatnot. I often say to Mr Iwata: 'If I was applying for a job here today, I, with my actual college degree, would probably not have been employed by Nintendo!'"

So Nintendo's current hiring practices are a bad thing, no?

Miyamoto: I wouldn't get a job here now [Eurogamer]

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